Give As You Earn

This is probably the best and most efficient way to donate money, it also has tax relief.

Payroll Giving is a simple and easy way to donate money to the Kids Cancer Charity.

If your employer offers Payroll Giving, you just authorise them to deduct a regular, set amount to us out of your pay. That's it. Done.

And while you're at it, why not get some of your colleagues to do the same and make us your charity of choice. For example, if you donate just £5 per week out of your pay, that's £260 a year, but get another 9 of your work mates to do the same and together you'll donate £2,600 per year to the Kids Cancer Charity.

Just think, if 10 people, just like you, from 10 companies, just like yours, all gave just £5 from their pay each week, children with cancer and their families would benefit by £26,000 every year! Just think what we could do with that!

And that's not all! You end up paying less tax and the Government will give us money too! A win win situation, don't ya think?

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell everybody - make a difference to the lives of children with cancer and their families.

Click here for more information about Payroll giving or contact us.